Insider's Views

The sisters are taking good care of me. They give me what I need. They provide us with good food.

  • Nasreen Ansari(Orphan)

I feel good staying here. Sister Martha and all the nuns are very nice. They love us a lot.

  • Harshid Mahadev (Orphan)

I love this place. Sister Martha lovesus a lot. She takes care of us. I enjoy the company of my friends over here.

  • Nazia Ansari(Orphan)

I am happy to be a part of this community.I love to serve the poor and needy people. I am grateful to God for having called me from my family.

  • Sr. Jita Pradhan

I am very happy being in this life because I can share my love with the people through my actions. I am grateful to God that he has given me an oppurnity to take care of the orphan children.

  • Sr. Saroj Lakra

If we love God, we will love the poor. We see joy in the eyes of those whom we serve. We recieve their blessings.

  • Sr. Bernadita Hansda

I am blessed with the opportunito serve the poor. I find fulfillement and joy.

  • Sr. Mariam Masih

This place has a positive atmosphere and the nuns here not only contain the vibe indoors but share it with every human they meet, regardless of their religion and that is very rare in today's day and age.

  • Bernedict Rozario (Employee)