About Us

The Sneha Sagar Society was started in 1999 in a urban area of West India, on the border of Mumbai, and registered under the name of Sneha Sagar Society on March 31st, 2001.The Organization was started by Sr. Martha Mandal ( founder). She always envisaged herself working for the betterment of the poor. First she put her hand to plough and started her activities by impacting free education to the children residing in the slums and coaching classes for women to become economically independent. This Society works among the poor and needy, educating the children and rehabilitation to socially handicapped children, completely orphaned, and destitute women. The women are also given non-formal education in the areas of child care family, health, hygiene and human rights and thus empowering women from marginalized sections of the society.


MidDay Meal

Sponsor a Child for meal Rs. 3,500/—per month Or Rs. 42,000/per year

Child's Expenditure

Sponsor for the expenditure of a child. Per month expenditure for a child is Rs.2000/-. PAnnual expenditure is Rs.24,000/-.

Education for Children

Sponsor Child’s Education Rs.15,000/- per year or Sponsor College Education of a child Rs. 18,000/- year

Counselling Group

We conduct 1 sessions in a month. 1,000/- Per Session