January 2022 Distribution

Dear Friends, Benefactors and Well-wishers,

I hope all is well with you. I would like to update you all with what we have done throughout this month of January, 2022.

1) In the past month, on 3 occasions we distributed blankets to poor people on the streets. This distribution of blankets was done in the night along food packets and water.

2) We have decided and given ration to the extremely poor and needy families only as and when they are in need of food grains they come and collect their ration.

3) We thank our donors and sponsors as with your help and generosity we are able to provide all the necessities to the children and help them grow healthy. We would wholeheartedly like to thank the Sponsors who came forward and provided sponsorships for our children in the orphanage.

We have also started giving cooked food to the poor families as well as poor people on the streets now on an everyday basis. In a day we feed at least 100 people, in a week 700 people and in a month it is approximately 3000 people.

If any of you would like to sponsor cooked food through ration, funds or readymade cooked food for the outreach, kindly reach us at our contact details mentioned below. This activity is conducted every day so you may choose any day of your choice and the outreach will be conducted in your name.

With all these activities conducted to reach out to the Last, the Least and the Lost, please do continue to help us and support us as we are in need of food grains mainly for our 22 children in our orphanage.

January 2022 Blanket Distribution

January 2022 Cooked Food Distribution