Sneha Sagar seeks to provide a positive environment for the underprivileged orphaned and slum children and help them join main- stream society through education and skill training which will provide employment opportunities by getting together like minded persons working together to fulfill objectives in a transparent manner. - Vision

We are rendering our services to 23 orphan children between 2-15 yrs. of age. These children are from Mumbai who are orphans, destitute and poor. The sisters are taking care of the children seeing to their day-to-day needs, food, cloth- ing, medication, education, counseling and most important- ly making the children feel loved and wanted and provid- ing them moral support.

Some of our children have passed SSC in 1st class and some with 2nd class. All the children are doing well. Some of these childrens’ parents have been afflicted with HIV, TB and have died. We try to assist the mothers by helping them to get jobs like domestic work etc.We also give the children various opportunities to develop their talents and master the skills of drawing, dancing etc.During the year, we have regular health check-ups for the children. The children get cold, cough, common fever, rash on the skin etc. for which they are taken to the doctor as and when they fall sick.

  1. To provide a positive growth environment for inmates between ages 1 and 18 years.

  2. To provide healthcare education, skill training etc.

  3. To translate the lines of marginalized people especially the ones who have lost the dear ones and have no one to take care of them

  4. To operate with integrity and complete transparency.

  5. To provide co-operation and share our skills, knowledge and re- sources with other like minded organizations and individuals.


In this center we have 3 sisters 2 helpers who are giving their services to 29 orphans and the destitute children from 1year to 14 years old (boys and girls). Some of them are schooling in Marathi Medium. We are very glad that from the Parish level many people come to visit our children and at the same time they help us in kind and also financially. This children parents mostly died HIV , TB and some children have got mother and we also try to help them with job of domestic work. We are conducting this orphanage in a rented house and it is difficult to have children as there is so much need to keep the shelter for the street and needy children. We do need bigger space in order to keep more children. Here also we have seen a property with the house , which we would like to buy for the same project .

Helpers of Jesus Sisters conducts the Sneha Sagar Society (Ocean of Love) was started in 1999 in a urban area of West India, on the border of Mumbai, and registered under the name of Sneha Sagar Society on March 31st 2001. The Organization began by Sr.Martha Mondal (The Founder) she always envisaged herself working for the betterment of the poor under needy.

The locality where Malwani Orphange is located is a slum area where the people are very poor and live in temporary small houses with no proper amenities and is not very hygienic and people do not even have the basic necessities of life. We are staying on lease for 11 months which has to be renewed every year. Since it is an Orphanage for children, there are many complaints from the neighborhood because of noise and hence we have to move from place to place since it is a rented house. We are looking for a place to house these children and overcome the present crisis so that we have a steady place and a healthy atmosphere for the children where they can study, play and we can carry out the daily activities peacefully. We can also accommodate more needy children as the need is great.


Sneha Sagar Ashram means ‘Ocean of Love’. In this beautiful house, God has blessed us with beautiful 27 children. All have their uniqueness. Eight are orphans and 19 have single parents. All the 27 children irrespective of caste, creed, religion, colour and language stay together under the love and protection of God. All the children feel happy as they experience a lot of love, care .

The children go to St. Elizabeth Convent High School and big girls go to Thomas Baptista Junior College of Commerce and Arts. Academically, they are faring quite well. 10th Std. and college girls are going for tuitions since they are in different streams of Arts, Commerce and Science.

During the year, our children besides studies, also spend time in sports, singing, playing, dancing and participate in various competitions besides going for dance classes.

The children are growing holistically. Their physical and intellectual needs are taken care of and they also receive integral care, love, protection and support.