Sisters of Helpers of Jesus

Sisters of Helpers of Jesus Congregation work for the LAST the LEAST and the LOST.

Sisters training - sisters are given training for law, BSW, MSW, Computers , Religious training, Scriptures studies, Nursing training , Para professional training , Theological courses .etc.

Our activities: Pastoral work

1) Serving people in different parishes , to keep their faith alive . we distribute the holy communion for the old and the sick.

2) Teaching Catechism, Faith formation, attending ppc meetings, looking after the church work.

3) Visiting families in the parishes, counselling broken families , spiritual guidance to the youth .

4) Better communication with the modern gadget.

5) Holy pilgrimage

6) Regular evaluvation

Vasai Orphanage:

1) We cater to the needs of the education for the children .

2) We give medical camp and health check up at regular basis . Tutions for the 10th 11th and 12th rest children are given in the house.

3) Professional training given by the various professors and they are given the certificate for the professional courses.

4) Counselling & vocational training is given to the children like , tailoring ,beauticians teaching , craft work. Drawing competitions to develop their knowledge in the competent with the society.

5) we distribute new clothes on their birthdays and festivals like Diwali and Christmas .

6) giving information around the world .

7) education on nutritious food & junk food to keep in good health .

Old age home in Naigaon: Activity and day scheduled

Recreations like watching TV , singing also to keep them active they do gardening .

1) Daily prayer in the morning and meditation and rosary in the evening

2) Get together for the senior citizens to enhance their growth

3) Health check up

4) Communicating with them , and counselling them once in a month.

5) Better facilities like electricity , water, shelter , nutritious food, clothing

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