Old Age Homes


There are 3 sisters, 2 postulants, 2 helpers and 12 senior citizens. Their daily duties are helping them to take bath, keeping ready their beds, giving medicine for the bed-ridden patients and feeding them.

For their Spiritual nourishment, they attend daily mass, have morning worship, mid-day prayer, evening worship followed by rosary prayers along with in-mates. Every Friday, Adoration is conducted. Twice a month, Eucharist is celebrated in the Convent. They listen to the morning news, go for evening walks, watch TV serials/programmes. Birthdays and Feast Days are celebrated. Renovation of the house, godown and meter box is done. Replacement of windows is done. Sound box connection of all the rooms front and back side of the house is done. A shed has been put up. New beds and mattresses are purchased. Bathrooms and flooring is repaired. New geezers are fixed for warm water. Water filter is installed. Full renovation of the house is done.


This house is our own and it is located at Naigaon (E). In this Community, there are 4 sisters, 2 postulants, social worker, 3 volunteers and Cook who are giving their services to 12 senior destitute women who come from Mumbai and Vasai.

They are brought here by their family members, social workers or the police. Sneha Sagar Society aims to provide a safe home, love and care and make them feel at home as also provide them with all the basic needs like nutrition, medication and entertainment. They pray the Rosary together. The doctor comes to visit them once in a week. The Parishioners and donors contribute in cash and kind. A shed has been built on the terrace for the in-mates. The Police brought a 40 year old Hindu lady who is mentally disturbed.