Manipur Outreach 2023

Aids From Mumbai to Manipur for (kukis meiteis) through Sneha Sagar Society Sister Martha Mondal

Dear Friends, Well Wishers and Benefactors,

Greetings from Sr Martha Mondal. 

I am glad to inform you that I am back from Manipur after the relief work for 10 days. We the sisters have visited many camps of Kukies as well as some  Meities. Heard their difficult situations of the past when the attack took place and at present how they are struggling in many ways in the camps.

 First of all they have lost their houses and all their belongings and above all many have lost their near and dear ones. It's very difficult to reach the relief things directly to the Kukies as it's not allowed and so much checking is going on. We visited some Kukies camps with much difficultes. I shall share some snaps with you all , may not be everything. We have distributed some relief things to 3 camps and the rest will be distributed by the fathers & the social workers to the rest of the places where the camps are ,with special permission.

The people are very grateful to you all and special thanks and prayers are promised by them.

My  sincere thanks for all your support and kindness..

We pray that the situation may soon be settled as the people are indeed suffering. 

May God bless you all. 

With regards,

Sr. Martha Mondal

Sneha Sagar Society


04/08/2023 🙏

Manipur outreach