What people say

The experiences I had working with Sneha Sagar Society were awesome. I learned the value of food. I became aware of the needs of the poor. These experiences brought me satisfaction and immense joy. I am glad to volunteer for Sneha Sagar Society.

  • Christopher Britto

I am grateful to Sneha Sagar for the opportunity to experience and be a part in serving. The happiness in giving is more than receiving. You guys are doing a noble service.

  • Grace Arokiaswamy

I admire Sr. Martha for the wonderful job that she is doing of feeding the hungry on the roads and all those who approach her, besides taking care of the orphans and the destitute. I am glad to be associated with her though in a small way. It's nice to distribute food to the hungry and see the smiles on their face and sometimes even get blessings from them .

  • Priscilla Lobo

Thank you Sr. Martha for taking care and to bring a ray of joy and hope to these little wonderful children. May God repay your efforts, hard work and all your sacrifices with lots of blessings. I was touched. I didn’t do much work, yet had very good experience with your children and aged people. God bless you.

  • Flora Pinto