February 2022 Outreach

Dear benefactors, well-wishers and friends,

I, Sr. Martha Mondal, am very glad to share with you all about our outreach which has grown to help many. As you all know that we had begun our ‘Fridge for the poor” initiative where we arranged for cooked food to be kept in the fridge by which we provided cooked food to poor families who came to us whenever they needed. Now by the Grace of God we have been able to grow this initiative through some sponsors and feed many more in need. We have now arranged cooked food every day for everyone struggling to feed themselves as well as their families.

We have been able to reach out to many and have provided daily food to approximately 5000 people this month. Some of them come to our ashram and collect food while some also eat here. We also go around the city from Andheri (West) to Dahisar (West) and distribute the food to the people we see struggling.

For our orphanage, unfortunately we have not been receiving sufficient amounts of food grains for a couple of months now and hence I would like to make a humble appeal to you all to please support us in whatever ways you can, in Kinds or in Donations. Whatever items and how much ever you would like to donate will be wholeheartedly appreciated.

List of Items needed:

Rice- 30 Kgs., Atta- 30 Kgs., Sugar- 20 Kgs., Dal- 25 Kgs., Cooking Oil- 10 Litres., Dry Pulses- 10 Kgs., Masalas- ¼ grams, Rava- 5 Kgs., Poha- 5 Kgs., Maggie Noodles- 10 Packs., Bathing Soap- 25 Pcs., Surf- 5 Kgs., Dettol- 1 Bottle, Harpic- 2 Bottles, Lizol- 1 Bottle, Shampoo- 2 Bottles, Toothpaste 100g- 5 Pcs. & Coconut oil- 2 Ltrs, 3 Pickle Bottles