Thank You - Christmas Message

by Sr. Martha Mondal

Our dear Friends, Benefactors and Well-wishers,

I, Sr. Martha Mondal, would like to thank very sincerely to each and every one of you, as it was with your help our children have received plenty of Christmas gifts, new dresses, delicious food and food grains, I on behalf of Sneha Sagar Ashram children would sincerely thank and pray for God's abundant blessings. I also would like to thank you all as many of you have donated food grains, old clothes, blankets and cooked food for the poor people on the street as well as to the poor families.

We have conducted various activities from December 2020 to January 2021 till today and I would like to update you with some snaps and a vote of thanks from all the poor brothers and sisters of Mumbai. You are all great before God, Praying for you and your family members and do remember us in your precious prayers . Continue to support us and bless us. Thank you and God bless you- Sr. Martha Mondal