Sneha Sagar Society

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The Sneha Sagar Society was started in 1999 in a urban area of West India, on the border of Mumbai, and registered under the name of Sneha Sagar Society on March 31st, 2001.The Organization was started by Sr. Martha Mandal (Founder). She always envisaged herself working for the betterment of the poor. First she put her hand to plough and started her activities by impacting free education to the children residing in the slums and coaching classes for women to become economically independent. This Society works among the poor and needy, educating the children and rehabilitation to socially handicapped children, completely orphaned, and destitute women. The women are also given non-formal education in the areas of child care family, health, hygiene and human rights and thus empowering women from marginalized sections of the society.

New Aged Home for Women at Trilokpuri at Delhi

Dear friends,

This is Sr Martha Mondal, greetings to you all and pray you all are keeping great.

I just want to inform you that we have opened a house at Delhi for aged home for women since few months , Sneha Sagar aged home , it's not totally for free or for destitute but something they can pay because we also need funds to run the house. If you know any one looking out for a place for their aged relatives or friends you can direct them since there are vacancies in our aged home since it's open newly. The age group can be 65 and above, it's only for women. You must be knowing people or friends and relatives in Delhi, you can forward this message, may be for some people it will be helpful. You also can direct your friends to our ashram for any kind of help. Food grains, clothes or even furniture. Our sisters are trying their best in Delhi to help out the poor people. They are also giving tuition to the poor children with minimum fees, distributing cooked food every day .

The address is :

Sr. Rachel, Sneha Sagar Aged Home, block number 36, house no. 195, Trilokpuri - Delhi 110091

Contact no. 9625771127/9310873643

Incase you would like to contact Sr. Martha Mondal 9867846323.

May god bless you🙏

Sr. Martha Mondal


Dear friends we the Sneha Sagar Society members are trying to raise fund for the purchase of property for our orphanage where we are already staying through ketto, crowd fund raising organization.

Please forward your friends they can help us through this. Your are also most welcome to help our children by donating food grains, toiletry items, even old furnitures which you are not using. Thanks for all your help and support.

Sr. Martha Mondal

🙏 9867846323



Dear friends, benefactors and well-wishers,

This is just to inform you that we have started our regular out reach programs . Distribution of the cooked food to poor people on the street on every Saturdays and various other outreach programs. Those wish to join and donate cooked food for the out reach you can call and book the days. Just to make sure it will be only Saturdays. It is for 100 people. We shall provide them with cooked food, water and biscuits. You are all most welcome join as volunteers also. Thanks for your continuous support. God bless 🙏🙏🙏

Sr. Martha Mondal


October 2021 - Outreach

Our children in our Sneha Sagar Ashram

An Appeal

Dear benefactors, well-wishers and friends,

Greetings to you from Sneha Sagar Society, we hope you all are doing well. I, Sr. Martha Mondal would like to make a humble request to you to help us in kind for our children in the orphanage. We are in need of the following items-


Outreach Programmes


Following are causes that we are working towards and need your help.


Sponsor a Child/Woman/Elderly for a Nutritious meal Rs. 6,200/- per month

Education for Children

Sponsor a Child's school education Rs. 15,000/- annually and college education Rs. 18,000/- annually

We take care of children in our Orphanages

Counselling Group

We conduct 1 session for a Child/Woman/Elderly a month. Rs. 2,000/- per session.