Reach Out Programmes

Kerela Floods

As we all are aware of the tragedy of the flood a natural disaster in Kerala in August 2018.

Sr. Martha Mondal from The Helpers Of Jesus and sisters and founder member of the Org. Sneha Sagar Society Registered trust , have visited the worse affected areas at ALUVA and ALLAPY in Kerala, the places near river bed side. We reached out 3 trucks of things like Clothes for ladies , gents and children, food grains ,utensils , mattresses ,pillows, toilet articles, stationary, notebooks , the most basic materials like mopping clothes, brooms, bedsheets etc….

Sr. Martha and the sisters have personally visited the people and distributed the things, and also have seen the real disaster of the area by which people are affected they have lost all their belongings even some families have lost their houses . Sr. Martha tried her best to reach out whatever the needs of the people in flood affected areas in Kerala. It is in deed grate experience to see suffering Christ through these people .We pray that they may be able to over come from this tragic situation, which is still very hard . We are grateful to God that we could reach out to these needy brothers & sisters of our country .

Reach Out | Madh Island - Marve Road, Mumbai

On October 29th 2018 the incident took place in minority area in Madh Island ,Marve road ,Mumbai

The Minority people of the area around 30 families houses have fully burnt and have lost everything . Sr. Martha from The Sisters of Helpers of Jesus and Founder member of Sneha Sagar Society Trust, reached out to these people in emergency by providing them drinking water bottles ,food grains , The plastic terpal and bamboos ,woods ,note books for the schooling children as they did not carry their notebooks with them in the school because of the exams . when the fire caught their houses they have lost everything . By helping this people at this movement, we deed experienced the presence of our Lord in this situation .

Reach Out Programme in Faterpada, Shelton, Maharastra and Gujrat border.

Reach out programme by Sr. Martha Mondal to tribal people of Faterpada villagers and Boarding children at Our Lady of Rosary church, faterpada, Shelton, dudhani road . Sr. Martha visited the remote area on Gujrat and Maharashtra border people over there are very much in need of the basic things as they are staying aloof from the society and didn’t even have proper clothes to wear The Lord inspired sr. Martha to reach out to these people .sister experienced the suffering Christ in These people . Also Sr. Martha visited the Boarding children in Dudhani road and donated the food grains and toilet articles, text books .children were so happy and sister experienced the joy on their faces . I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to visit these children .